Ordering Personalized Ribbon

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Personalized ribbons come in two very different formats: favor ribbon and continuous printed ribbon. If you’re not familiar with the differences, they can be confusing. But, once you understand how each style works, you’ll be able to choose ribbon with confidence!

set sail favor ribbon

favor ribbon is printed at a fixed length with text on the left and right ends

So, which type of personalized ribbon should you order for your project?  To make this choice you’ll need to finalize how you would like to present your favor to your guests and what type of personalized ribbon best meets your trimming need.  Favor ribbon is ribbon that, when used for wedding favors, has the first names of the bridal couple on the left end of the ribbon and the wedding date on the right end.  The ribbon is a fixed length, and you need to be sure that the length will be adequate to wrap around the area you’ll be decorating with ribbon.  You want to make sure that you’ll be left with enough ribbon to comfortably tie a bow with enough length to keep the personalization out of the loops.

large truffle box wrapped with ribbon

Continuous printed ribbon is perfect for wrapping favor boxes

If your favor is large, and the area you need to wrap is greater than the area favor ribbon can accommodate, you’d want to use continuous printed ribbon.  This ribbon is printed with a repeated pattern of your personalization.  Your personalization appears at a set spacing throughout the ribbon roll.  Continuous printed ribbon is the ribbon of choice for gift packaging.  You can cut it to whatever length you’ll need for your project.

Ribbon textures and styles are also an important consideration in favor ribbon selection.  You should always carefully ready any product descriptions that are available prior to placing your ribbon order.  Texture is very important and it is wise to request a sample swatch to confirm that the ribbon’s texture and quality will meet your needs.  Soft satin ribbons work well for nearly every project.  Acetate ribbon, a stiffer, papery-textured ribbon, can be more difficult to handle and is best left to the expert bow maker.

It’s always best to choose what you’ll be adorning with your personalized ribbon before you choose your ribbon style.  Simple packaging can be dressed up with elegant ribbon, and a more elegant package can be personalized with a classic ribbon choice.  Compare your options, picture the setting you’ll be displaying your favor in, and order samples to make the best possible choices for your favor presentation.