Napkin Info

Wedding napkins were a natural addition to our product offerings.  We’ve shared some of our favor ribbon fonts and themes with our napkin design lines.  We’re always adding new styles to our already large selection of unique wedding and cocktail party napkins.

One of our most popular wedding napkin selections is our Queen Anne style napkin.  It features the bridal couple’s first names in a striking, bold font with the date in a classic block font.  Below we’re showing one printed in our bright silver foil.  We love the sparkle of the foil used to print these napkins.  So many other napkins are personalized with dull, lackluster foils that we worked hard to find a foil with pizazz!

Queen Anne personalized napkin by Regal RibbonsStriking foils coupled with a large selection of today’s popular napkin colors have made these napkins one of our fastest growing product lines.  We’ve put together a few of our most frequently asked napkin questions.  We hope it helps you to plan your napkin order!

How many napkins do I need to order for my cocktail hour?

You will want to order 2 to 3 cocktail napkins per person for your cocktail hour.  It’s also a good idea to have a few stacks of napkins available at any bar or drink service area.

How do I order a monogram on napkins?

For wedding napkins, the marriage monogram is formatted as follows: The bride’s first name initial, then the couple’s last initial, followed by the groom’s first name initial.

For an individual person’s monogram: The first name initial comes first, then the last name initial, followed by the middle name initial.

What color napkins should I order?

There are many napkin colors to choose from for your wedding.  You may want to accent your bridal party color or your table linens with your napkin color selection.  If you’re uncertain whether or not a particular color will match your bridal colors, you can always go with the safe choices of white, ivory, or black.  It’s a good idea to consider the room decor and the linens when making your color choices.  An ivory napkin can look dingy on a white table cover.  We offer gold or silver foil imprinting on our napkins.  If you’re using any gold or silver accents, consider matching your imprint to those items.