Choosing Wrapping

If you decide to use tulle to wrap your favors, choose carefully when ordering size.  The standard size for small items such as almonds, mints, bubbles, potpourri, etc., is approximately 8 or 9 inches.  Wrapping a somewhat larger item, for example a small trinket box or a votive candle, would require a circle between 11 and 12 inches in size.  Large favors, such as bottles or baskets, would require circles of approximately 15 inches, depending on how big your favor is and how much “pouf” you want.  Since most wedding suppliers won’t take returns on opened packages of tulle, it’s important to be sure that you’re purchasing the right size ahead of time.  Here’s how to find the perfect size wrapping for your favor:

Measure a piece of tissue paper or lightweight fabric to the size you think you’ll need.  Cut it out and wrap your favor with it to be sure that the size you order will give you the look you want for your favor.

Here are some hints for experimenting with color and patterns with your favorite wrappings:

A single layer of tulle will add a decorative look to your favors, and can be used to bring a sheer splash of color to your reception tables.  When you add extra layers of tulle, you can make fuller-looking favors and add different accent colors to your favor.

single layer of tulle

single layer of glitter tulle

Sparkling glitter speckled tulle catches the light and twinkles with your accent of gold or silver.

selecting tulle sizes

Larger tulle is often more limited in choices of color and style, but it is meant for large favors, which have a dramatic look of their own.